Our strategies cover a wide range of investor profiles. In addition to the following strategies currently available , we work to design strategies tailored to customer needs on demand. To do this , we are continually conducting quantitative research and  development oriented to improving the performance of our clients’ investments.



Absolute Return Strategies . Portfolios of automated trading algorithms whose live performance is audited by external companies for years.

Addressed to investors with a risky profile , who wish to invest directly on alternative products trying to ​​take advantage of their leverage.

As diversification to traditional investments (stocks , ETFs, funds, etc ) , taking advantage of their low correlation to markets.

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Combined Money and Risk Management Strategies, that improve risk ratios , stability and performance of  clients stocks , ETFs  portfolios. Periodic rebalancing strategies depending on market sentiment, fundamental data , account performance, etc.

Addressed to investors with current stocks, ETFs, CFDs portfolios who want to optimize their performance ratios , volatility and risk providing of stability to it.

or for those investors who wish to invest on equities more efficiently.



Investment strategies designed to hedge Long Only stocks, ETFs, CFDs portfolios during bear periods. Improving risk ratios , stability and performance  in the medium to long term. A minimum percentaje of the capital is used for such hedging.