How to Use Our Systems

We are offering our Automated Strategies under a lease fee basis. We are neither advisors nor money managers.

We are currently working with brokers from Europe and USA. These brokers are offering our Automated Algorithms as an additional product for their clients. And any of their clients may subscribe our SATs to trade on their accounts. At any time the client may activate or deactivate the SATs on his account. It´s immediate.




In order to start using our SATs client must:

  1. Have an opened account at any of the brokers we work with.
  2. Client account must be funded with minimum capital required to subscribe SATs.
  3. Our SATs are among the services and products offered by the broker. And the client may choose and subscribe any of our SATs.
  4. Client must sign a contract with the Broker and GesTrading to be able to subscribe any of the SATs and, at the same time, give authorization to automate SATs on his account.
  5. Once signed the contract, the client may activate or deactivate the SATs he choose whenever he wants. Lease fee will be charged on his account once SATs are activated.
  6. Once activated, the client can keep track of SATs’ performance as any other product or bank account. Real time tracing and statements.

*We have a wide variety of strategies and services for institutional clients, in addition to working with brokers of their choice. Get in contact for further details